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New Drum Student Policy

Thank you for your interest in studying with me. I hope our lessons together will be one of the greatest learning experiences of your life. To insure we get the most out of our time together, here is a breakdown of my policy. Tuition is due monthly at the beginning of the month.

Tuition for 30 min weekly slot $180/month or $360 for 1hr.

SOLO LESSONS ARE $120 per hour.


The number of lessons each month may vary due to lesson day, breaks, and changes made to accommodate your schedule. I do not charge by the lessons because as you will soon see, you will be getting much more than just a music lesson. You are not paying for just the hour; you are paying for more than 30 years of music performance and education experience. You will have the opportunity to accompany me to rehearsals, gigs, studio recordings, live music events. You may also be asked to play in front of your fellow drum students and possibly at drum recitals. Since there are only so many hours in the day, I have to limit the number of students that I can have this kind of impact with so part of what you are paying for is having the opportunity to experience these things.

Cancellations: Since my schedule is full. The only way I can give you makeup for the missed lessons is if you give me enough advanced notice AND someone else can trade time slots for the week.
If a make-up is not given in the week you missed, it is considered missed.

TeacherBreaks: In order to charge my own batteries, I will be taking 2 breaks during the year and no make-ups for these weeks will be given. The dates are TBD.

What is expected of the student?

Bring all materials... sticks, drum books, CDs.
Be clear about the material you will be called upon to perform in our next lesson. (This might mean asking some questions to clarify).

  • Bring a positive, upbeat attitude to each lesson. (no excuses, no whining)

  • Be ready to occasionally play in front of me and other students.

  • Students are encouraged to bring friends to their lesson occasionally as long as the student is prepared and can stay focused on the lesson. It is often very fun.


With that in mind take a moment and answer a few questions.

Email and cell# if you are under 18, what are your Parent's names and phone numbers?

Thanks for submitting!

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