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Why and How I Teach Music

Teaching is my life’s calling. For over 35 years I have been inspiring people to improve their lives through music. For me music is more than a career, it is a passion, a lifelong journey spent with generations of wonderful students many of whom have become lasting friends.


Over the past 20 years I have developed and fine-tuned a consistent curriculum for teaching.  But I also tailor my teaching to each individual student using a set of techniques I have developed to help you learn through encouragement, real-world advice on how to get the most out of practice, how to hear music, and how to break through barriers that might be holding you back.


My main goal is to produce well-rounded individuals, instill a lifelong love of music, and create a safe performance space for you to grow, musically and personally.  Through these principles I strive to become a key mentor in your educational experience and in your life.



I have an enormous passion for music and in my studio, I transmit that passion for studying and playing music. We all learn from our mistakes; my studio is a fun/ safe space to make lots of mistakes so you don’t have to learn from these mistakes in the “real world”.


I don’t hand out answers straightaway, I know the best learning comes from within so, I strive to set up the right conditions and ask the right questions to help you find those answers for yourself. I believe once you come up with the answer for yourself, it sticks, it’s yours forever.


I have helped some students get scholarships to prestigious music schools, some have landed high profile gigs some just learn enough to come home after a long day of work and jam along to their favorite classic rock tunes. No matter your motivation my goal is to clear the path and help you find your way there.



My love and dedication to music has taken me all over the world and provided a wonderful life for me.  I hope when we meet you will feel my sincere desire to share what I know and our time together will be one of your life’s greatest experiences.

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